The 24|Seven Fees Team

Our team knows tech. But more importantly, we know the industry. We understand how important it is to provide accurate information in a powerful way. Our agnostic approach means that our clients and their needs remain our first priority.

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The 24|Seven Fees Advantages

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A Singular Solution for All

A nationwide, 50-state platform structured to handle organizations of all sizes.


Partner Integrations

Collaborations with the best and brightest players in the industry to bring you the most current data.


Client Control

Allows title agents and lenders the ability to enter and update all fees, assuring immediate accuracy.


A Focus on Compliance

Accurate loan estimates, reducing the substantial costs associated with out-of-tolerance cures.


Advanced Tech for Scalable Growth

Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure and utilizes the latest in technology for scalable growth, API engine and deep machine learning.

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Solution For title

Large title agents managing multiple underwriters and transactions across diverse states face complex calculations due to varying fee structures. A custom-built solution is crucial for addressing this complexity.

Our tools seamlessly integrate, offering both robust construction and user-friendly interfaces. With industry expertise, we understand customer needs in the title space, providing a trustworthy blend of technology and title insurance proficiency to solve your challenges.

Solution For Lenders

The importance of a reliable fee solution when it comes to providng estimates for home loans has never been more evident than it is today. Accuracy from the Loan Estimate to the Closing Disclosure is paramount to providing top tier customer service and keeping out-of-tolerance cures to a minimum.

24|Seven Fees is the comprehensive solution designed with a focus on compliance and efficiency, helping you take your service to the next level by turning your guesstimates into estimates.

Solution For Licensing

Our custom-built, enterprise-level APIs are designed to be scaled, meaning the solutions can easily be licensed by lenders, underwriters and others that want to provide their most productive and innovative partners with solutions to ensure they stay on the cutting-edge.

All our products are built with the sophistication needed to handle any complexity you – or your top-producing customers face – and our team would love to partner as an enterprise solution for you.

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